“Dust. It Can Kill.” The Health and Safety Executive, (HSE) Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety, is enforcing dust control standards with financial penalties when companies fail to put effective measures to protect workers, a strong sign of their commitment to improving the health of workers in the construction industry.

The HSE has been working hard during November which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month to ensure effective measures are put in place to protect workers from breathing in dust, gases, vapours and fumes. “Dust. It Can Kill” is this year’s HSE, campaign focused on respiratory risks and occupational lung diseases.

Dust particles can be 100 times smaller than a grain of sand. You don’t need to see them to breathe them in. Once in your lungs, dust will start causing damage. Exposure to dust can lead to severe breathing difficulties and lung diseases that can ruin lives and cause an early death. It can take years before the damage is visible and by then it can be too late.

Grydale® Mobile Dust Collectors are an effective solution to managing dust generated by equipment a whole range of equipment including roadheaders, trenchers, profilers, rock hammers, profilers, abrasive blasting equipment, mobile crushers, mobile screens and more, in both above and below ground applications at its source.

Mobile dust collectors are available powered by Diesel, Electric or Hybrid Units. Mobility options include, track mounted units, hydraulic stepping systems, castor wheel and drag skid units, being effectively used in tunnelling, mining, quarrying, abrasive blasting, bulk material handling, demolition and recycling industries.

Contact our team to find out how our dust collection equipment can help not only protect the health and safety of workers but also lead to operational efficiencies.