AB 30000 Fixed Unit Dust Collector for Abrasive Blasting


30,000 CFM Mobile Dust Collector

Designed for the Abrasive Blasting Market

Grydale AB-30000. Overview.

The AB-30000 is a complete dust collection system mounted on a compact, mobile base.  It features a 115kW centrifugal exhaust fan to create 30,000 CFM @ -2.5kPa.

Mobility Options. Container Mount or Lifting Legs.

The AB-30000 standard unit is mounted on a base that can be fixed to a 20ft container base.  This is best suited when the unit will be placed on a trailer or used on a raised platform.

Configuration Upgrade 1:

The unit can be supplied with adjustable support legs.  The unit can be lifted with a forklift/crane while the legs are extended and pinned into place. The support legs raise the unit 0.5m from the ground.  This configuration is best suited when the unit will remain in one position for a period of time.

Configuration Upgrade 2:

The unit can be supplied with hydraulic lifting legs.  This configuration is best suited when the unit will be moved more frequently or there are site access restrictions that restrict the use of forklifts/cranes to lift the unit into position. The hydraulic lifting legs raise the unit 1.47m from the ground. A larger hydraulic oil tank is added to power the extended hydraulic system.

The adjustable or hydraulic legs raise the unit sufficiently from the ground to allow dust to be discharged to a bulker bag/steel drum.

Power Options. Diesel.  

Diesel Power

The AB-30000 uses a 120kW T3 Cummins diesel engine to power the centrifugal exhaust fan, whilst hydraulics are used to power the auger and rotary valve discharge system.

Optional Upgrade: 

A 3.8L Tier 5 Cummins diesel engine is available if required.

Grydale AB-30000. Technical Specification Summary.

Key Features

Air Volume: 30,000CFM (15m3/s) @ -2.5kPa
Air Intakes: 3 x 508mm. Optional Upgrade: Additional Single Front Intake 1 x 965mm
Filters: 24 Filters
Filter Surface Area: 672m2
Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% at 0.067 micron
Centrifugal Fan: 115kW
Dust Discharge: Front Facing Hydraulic Reversible Auger with Stainless Steel Rotary Valve
Real Time Emission Monitoring
PLC and CANbus System

Key Dimensions

AB-30000 – Container Mounted Unit 
Maximum Height: 3,170mm
Maximum Width: 2,490mm
Maximum Length: 6,060mm

AB-30000 – Adjustable Lifting Leg Unit
Maximum Height: 4,190mm
Maximum Width: 2,490mm
Maximum Length: 6,410mm

AB-30000 – Hydraulic Lifting Leg Unit
Maximum Height: 4,640mm
Maximum Width: 3,300mm
Maximum Length: 6,500mm

Grydale AB-30000. Key Features.

Air Intakes

The AB-30000 features flexible intake options to allow ducting to be attached to multiple dust sources. The standard configuration features 508mm diameter side air intakes.

Optional Upgrade:

An additional single 965mm diameter dirty air intake can be added to the front of the unit if required.

Reverse Pulse Cleaning System

The AB-30000 is fitted with a plant air attachment kit to feed the pneumatic system which provides reverse pulse filter cleaning. Jet tubes blast air from the inside of each filter, effectively removing dust build-up and prevents dust from clogging.

The reverse pulse cleaning system is controlled by a timer which sends a pulse of air every 30 seconds through each jet tube. Between each pulse the system will recharge to 100psi ready for the next jet tube to be actuated. Pressure and frequency of pulse leaning can be adjusted as required, reducing the number of filter changes required.

Optional Upgrade: An on-board compressor can be added to the unit if plant air is not available.

Dust Discharge System

The standard configuration for the AB-30000 includes a front-facing reversible hydraulic auger with stainless steel rotary valve dust discharge system. The auger discharges dust particles to the site floor or into bulker bags.

The use of hydraulics to power the augers and rotary valves maximises their efficiency while the ability to revers the augers and force materials through clean out hatches is key to increasing uptime in the event of product build up in the hopper and auger. This reduces the maintenance effort and the requirement to have Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) Electricians servicing a mechanical component.

Enable / Disable Dust Discharge 

There is a button to allow operators to turn off the auger and rotary valve and allow dust discharged to build-up in the hopper for discharge at a later time.


24 high efficiency filter cartridges provide filtration of both dust and diesel particulates. Baffle plates distribute air throughout the dust collector ensuring an even wear of filters.

Filtration Efficiency

Certified air flow performance and filtration testing has been conducted both above and below ground as part of rigourous performance verification and certification processes and shows a collection efficiency of 99.99% at 0.067 micron.

Filter Maintenance

The filters can be easily accessed through the three filter access doors, allowing efficient filter maintenance to maximise machine up-times. By changing the filters at the optimum time, engine efficiency is improved and diesel consumption reduced to maintain the required air flow.

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fans offer superior energy efficiency and enhanced durability, allowing them to operate in even the most corrosive environments. The standard configuration for the AB-30000 features a centrifugal fan to provide 30,000 CFM @ -2.5kPa using one motor and one impellor to develop system pressure.

Fan Silencer

Exhausted air passes through the fan silencer to reduce noise pollution.

Variable Air Flow Control

The fan speed can be adjusted via button/dial selection. This allows power consumption to be minimised to achieve the required air volume while maximising fuel efficiency.

Control and Monitoring System

Programmable Logic Computer (PLC)

A simple one button start-up/shut-down sequence starts and stops all critical components in a programmed order which increases the efficiency of the unit and provides additional safety for workers. The simple display facilitates ease of operation. On-screen instructions and warnings are displayed showing error codes, which provide a powerful diagnostic tool for service and maintenance staff.

CANbus System

The AB-30000 features a simple on/off/reset operation via the control panel along with variable air flow control. The CANbus system enhances the speed, flexibility and reliability in communication along with supporting effective troubleshooting and maintenance from off-site.

Variable Air Flow Control 

Operators will be able to turn the air volume up or down via the air flow dial control.

Differential Pressure Gauge 

The differential pressure monitor alerts the operator if filters are blocked or if there are higher than normal dust loads.

Safety Features

Emergency Stop Lanyard System

Two emergency stop buttons are located on the unit plus a safety lanyard system runs around the perimeter of the unit enabling anyone to halt the machine with immediate effect.

Operation and Maintenance Lights

Operation and maintenance lights have been fitted in key locations on the unit giving operators and maintenance workers clear visibility of components and to illuminate working spaces.

Fire Suppression System

Optional Upgrade:

A fire suppression system can be added to surround the diesel engine if required to meet site fire prevention regulations.

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