50m3/s Mobile, Electric, Skid Dust Collector

JMS-50-MES. Overview.

The JMS-50-MES Mobile, Electric, Skid is a complete dust collection system featuring a dirty air intake, filter house, clean air box, silencer, exhaust, dust discharge system and centrifugal fan used to create 50m3/s (105,000 CFM) @ -3kPa.* This unit is mounted on a single manoeuvrable skid base.

* Alternative centrifugal fans can be used to optimise air volume and pressure to suit site conditions and specific applications.

Efficiency. Power. 
One of the key features of the JMS-50-MES is the inclusion of a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) as part of the standard configuration. The VSD ensures the dust collector provides the required air flow using the least amount of power. If there is insufficient air flow, the air flow meter on the dust collector will turn up the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to generate more air volume. Equally the air flow meter will turn down the VSD so the dust collector uses less kW for the same amount of volume depending on the temperature and conditions. This makes the units power efficient, and clients have reported they have been able to reduce their power consumption by up to 40%.

Investment Options. New & Refurbished units are available for Sale or Rental. 
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JMS 50 M-Series Range Options.

JMS-60 Illustration

JMS-50-MHT (Mobile, Hybrid, Track)

Mobility. Drag Skid.

The JMS-50-MES Mobile, Electric, Skid units can be easily moved with a crane using the four lifting lugs or dragged into position using the rigging mounts at the end of the machine. Units mounted on drag skids are perfect when dust collection needs are relatively static.

Optional Upgrade.

Hydraulic Stepping Systems – The hydraulic stepping system powers four legs that lift the unit up, while a pair of skates moves the unit forward and backwards, this movement is repeated to achieve the desired travel distance.

Power.  Electric 380-480V or 1000V.

The JMS-50-MES uses a 380-480V or 1000V electric to power the centrifugal exhaust fan.

Size.  Key Dimensions. 

Height: 4,470mm
Width: 3,110mm
Length: 13,000mm
Mass: 24T

JMS-50-MES. Key Features.

Air Volume:

50m3/s (105,000 CFM)

Centrifugal Fan:



380-480V or 1000V
Variable Speed Drive 

Air Intakes:

Front Air Intake: 1 x 1600mm Ø
Optional Extra: Side Air Intakes 5 x 508mm Ø

Filtration System:

Filters: 60
Filter Surface Area: 1,620m2
Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% at 0.067 micron

Dust Discharge System:

Twin Hydraulic Reversible Auger with Central Dust Discharge
Optional Extra: Side Incline Auger
Optional Extra: Wet Slurry Discharge Auger

Control and Monitoring System:

HMI with 10″ Touch Screen Display

Safety Features:

2 x Emergency Stops plus
Emergency Stop Lanyard System
Real Time Emissions Monitoring
Operation and Maintenance Lights

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