Dust Control for Ship Loading / Unloading

Mobile dust collectors provide an effective solution to comply with health, safety and environmental regulations AND can increase operational efficiencies; enabling faster ship loading / unloading times and minimising the loss of valuable products.

Huge volumes of airborne dust can be generated when bulk cargo materials are loaded / unloaded at ports and rail / road truck loading facilities. This poses not only a health, safety and environmental risk but also creates operational challenges.

Dust Control for Ship Loading and Unloading
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This video shows a Grydale mobile dust collector extracting dust during unloading of dry bulk cargo at a Queensland Port. By extracting the dust and exhausting clean air to the atmosphere the risks of dangerous airborne contaminants are minimised, protecting the health and safety of workers and safeguarding the surrounding environment. This approach also generates significant operational efficiencies.

Health, Safety and Environment. Driving Demand for Effective Dust Control Solutions at Ports. 

Ports are an integral part of global infrastructure and businesses and residential communities have been built around them. An increase in maritime traffic means that ships arriving to load and unload bulk goods are subject to tighter timeframes and increased costs. There is also a wider recognition of the importance of managing dust created during loading and unloading and tighter regulations to adhere with to protect the health and safety of workers.

Dust is created when dry product, for example, grains, fertilizers, coal, iron ore, bauxite or sands is loaded into or from vessels or hoppers via conveyors or buckets/clamshells.

Protecting the health and safety of our maritime workers and local residents from the hazardous effects of respirable dust is by far the main priority. Followed by protecting our valuable waterways and oceans from dust and contaminants that can pollute and harm our sea life and vegetation. However in addition, the longer vessels are in ports loading / loading the more fees are incurred (demurrage and labour), implementing effective dust control measures can generate significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. Increasing the efficiency of ship loading / unloading means that vessels have quicker turnaround times and spend less time in ports / saving on labour and demurrage costs.

Dust Control During Loading / Unloading. Benefits Summary.  

  1. Protecting the health and safety of workers from hazardous respirable dust particles.
  2. Protecting visitors, residents and businesses that surround ports from exposure to harmful dusts.
  3. Protecting our valuable waterways and oceans from airborne dust and contaminants that may pollute and harm our sea life and vegetation.
  4. Improved efficiencies – dust control has proven to allow for faster conveyor speeds, reduced loading and unloading speeds, saving time and money.
  5. Faster turnaround times the increased speed and efficiency of loading / unloading means vessels are spending less time in ports reducing demurrage costs.
  6. Reclaiming valuable product that otherwise would have been lost to the atmosphere.

Mobile Dust Collectors. Dust Extraction at the Source.

Grydale mobile dust collectors can be easily positioned on port loading / unloading decks. Skid mounted units can be moved using cranes or castor wheels. Alternatively track units are self-propelled to move into position when required and moved out of position when not in use. Units can be used to manage ship loading and unloading of a wide range of products either via clamshells or conveyors. Single air intakes can be used to extract dust from a single source or multiple side air intakes can be used to extract dust from multiple sources (e.g. lowered into a ship hull during loading).

Grydale JMS M-Series dust collectors offer:

  • Air Volumes: 6m3/s (12,000 CFM) to 60m3/s (125,000 CFM)
  • Mobility options:  skid, caster wheel, track-mounted
  • Power options: Diesel, Electric, Hybrid

Our Experience. Dust Control During Ship Loading / Unloading.

JMS-50-MES Mobile Electric Skid Dust Collector

Client: Fertilizer Manufacturer
Application: Ship Loading – Fertilizer
Solution: JMS-50-MES Unit

Using a JMS-50-MES dust collector while loading fertilizer product increased conveyor loading speeds from 180T to 600T per hour. This represents a huge operational cost and time saving for ship loading, with dramatically reduced port demurrage charges and reduced labour costs. In addition, the dust discharged from the dust collector is captured in 1T bulker bags and can be utilised as product.

Dust Control for Ship Loading and Unloading

Client: Rio Tinto – Boyne Smelters
Ship Unloading – Coke
JMS-20-MDT Units

Grydale has provided dust collection from four different locations throughout the entire unloading process by using 3 x JMS-20-MDT (20m3/s Mobile, Diesel, Track) Dust Collectors, along with an experienced Operations Maintenance Technician to provide 24-hour support to ensure continuous productivity and avoid costly shutdowns.

Flexible ducting allows for multiple extraction points

Clients: Various
Application: Loading / Unloading – Grain
Solution: Mobile Dust Collectors

Grain handling is a high-hazard industry where workers are exposed to several health and safety risks that require mitigation. The loading of grain into the holds of vessels can produce excessive levels of airborne organic dusts. Exposure to large amounts of grain dust is known to cause respiratory health issues and can also post a wider safety and environmental risk. In addition, moving and handling grain creates dust, which when combined with other components, typically found in a grain handling environment, can also result in grain dust explosions.  By controlling grain dust emissions, you can provide a cleaner and safer environment for workers and the community.

Dust Control. Ship Loading and Unloading.

Flexible Investment Options. Purchase or Short-Long Term Rental.

Purchase Options

We currently have stock of new and refurbished dust collectors for immediate purchase along with efficient manufacturing facilities in QLD, Australia.

Rental Fleet 

We have one of the largest rental fleets of mobile dust collectors in the country, with units ranging from 6m3/s to 60m3/s.

Our large volume dust collectors (40m3/s to 60m3/s) allow a single unit to be used on site (saving space and costs) in place of multiple smaller units. Multiple air intakes allow units to extract dust from multiple dust sources which is important for the loading/unloading of ships at Ports.

Wet and Dry Hire Arrangements

Dry Hire: Our team provide full operator training to allow you to run units on site effectively.

Wet Hire: We can provide a team of staff to operate the dust collectors during ship / loading if required.

Service and Maintenance 

We have service teams across Australia to provide full support for units.  Our team provide scheduled and preventive servicing and maintenance of equipment to ensure maximum up-time of equipment.

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