Last month A J Gammond Ltd purchased two new Grydale® mobile dust collectors. The JMS-20-MDT and a JMS-10-MDT both left for the UK this week and will arrive early in the New Year to work alongside their fleet of excavation equipment on a range of key construction projects.

Prior to purchasing their own units, A J Gammond Ltd have rented the JMS-30-MDT from Grydale Europe Ltd for a number of projects where they wanted to use their efficient excavation equipment and practices while managing the dust. Without the use of our mobile dust collector these projects would not have been possible. Projects have included excavation of aggregate products in quarries, construction of smart motorways (M4) and remediation work at UK airports.

Click here to read about how the mobile dust collector work at Breedon Quarry.

Surface miners and trenchers allow efficient excavation to take place. They do however produce dust that needs to be effectively contained. Using the track mounted dust collectors alongside their surface miners and trenchers allows for considerable excavation efficiencies while managing dust effectively.

The JMS-20-MDT will be used alongside their Tesmec Rock Hawg units and JMS-10-MDT will be used alongside their Tesmec Trenchers.
Grydale®are proud to be supplying equipment and working with the A J Gammond Ltd team Bruce GammondTom Gammond and James Gammond.

Thanks to the team at Fracht AG for organising another export shipment for us.