The JMS-30-MDT is one of the most versatile models within our range of mobile dust collection units. The unit can provide both dust collection at source working alongside excavation equipment such as surface miners and trenchers and it can also support general ventilation. The multiple side air intakes also allow it to be connected to multiple sources simultaneously for example rock hammers working within a confined space.

The versatility of this unit is the reason why it was the first in our fleet of Mobile Dust Collectors in the UK and Europe and also the first unit to be en-route to build our fleet in the USA.

The key modification that has taken place between the manufacture of these two units is the reduction in overall width, achieved by bringing the tracks in line with the skid to give our new JMS-30-MDT units a maximum width of 2830mm.

Our engineering design team have also added covers to key components to help protect them in the often harsh operating environments where these units typically work.