Fully refurbished and now featuring our latest technology and product improvements, the Grydale  JMS-60-MES is the latest unit to join the Grydale Rental fleet of mobile dust collectors.

The JMS-60-MES previously provided general ventilation and dust control on the Metro Tunnel project in Melbourne, Victoria and was purchased back from the project to be refurbished at our manufacturing facilities. The unit will shortly be leaving for South Australia where it will provide general ventilation during mine shut down works for BHP.

The JMS-60-MES is the largest dust collector in our growing rental fleet and provides 60m3/s of airflow. Product improvements made to the unit during refurbishment have included the following (all standard on new units):

  • The dual discharge augers have been replaced with a single crossover discharge auger with a chain drive mechanism to increase reliability and facilitate ease of maintenance onsite. The incline discharge auger also allows dust to be collected in bulker bags for safe removal from site.
  • The PLC has been upgraded to a full CANbus system and features our 12″ Touchscreen display. This improves the speed and reliability of communication across the entire system and allows easier operation and maintenance.
  • A new 415V electrical switchboard has been installed along with new wiring harnesses to meet mine site electrical safety standards.
  • New hydraulic system hoses and protection have been added to prevent burst lines and to improve the safety and reliability of the hydraulic system.
  • Auto drains have been added to reduce the maintenance required to support the reverse pulse cleaning system.
  • We have also enhanced safety features, including the addition of an E-STOP lanyard system around the perimeter of the unit.

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Refurbished JMS-60-MES Joins Grydale Rental Fleet and Heads to BHP Mine Site for Shutdown Works