Last week we completed the design and manufacture of our first JMS-50-MDT – a complete dust collection system, powered by a Volvo Penta T4 Diesel Engine, mounted on a single mobile skid. The diesel engine powers a 200kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan which creates 50m3/s @ -3.5kPa and has a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at 0.067 micron – to filter both dust and diesel particulates.

The compact, integrated system operates on tracks and provides an effective way of extracting dust at source along with providing space saving advantages and enhanced flexibility and mobility.

This first unit is part of our rapidly expanding rental fleet and has already been commissioned for it’s first application on site where the unit will be providing dust control at source during benching operations at a major tunnelling infrastructure project in Sydney, NSW.

The Grydale JMS-50-MDT features a 200kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan, single 1600mm Dirty Air intake, 60 High Efficiency Cartridge Filters, Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning System, Twin Reversible Hydraulic Incline Augers, Shotcrete Auger, Clean Air Box, Fan Silencer, Clean Air Exhaust, Emissions Monitoring System and CANbus PLC.

We are committed to Innovation and Continual Improvement

It’s been 8 years since we first developed our first mobile track dust collector (the JMS-20-MDT) and there are a full range of system modifications and upgrades on this latest model.

JMS 50 MDT is powered by Volvo Penta Diesel Engines

Volvo Penta T4F Engine – Volvo are the world leader in emission technology and the T4F engine used in the JMS-50-MDT meets the highest standards in the world for emissions. Other key features of this engine are: Power, Low Cost of Ownership, Durability and Low Noise, Reliable in Extreme Conditions, Easy Service and Maintenance.

Close-up look at the JMS-50-MDT Volvo Penta T4 Engine

New Custom Features and Product Improvements

JMS-50-MDT - Twin Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • 2 x 400L Custom Designed Fuel Tanks.
  • Fuel Level Sensors and Warning Lights.
  • Remote mounted Oil and Fuel filters (Ease of Maintenance).
  • Aluminium Custom Mandrel Bent Cooling System.
  • Vibration Sensors on Fan Bearings.
JMS-50-MDT - Custom Mandrel Bent Cooling System
JMS-50-MDT - Mobility Tracks
  • CAT320 Tracks.
  • Compact Remote Receiver and Remote Control.
  • Proximity Sensors and Alarms (for detecting people / hazards in fall zones).
  • Central Automatic Greasing System.
  • Pressurized Dual Oil Tanks to Maintain Pressure to Pumps on Site Declines.
  • Hydraulically Driven C10 Compressor for Pulse Cleaning System.
JMS-50-MDT - Automatic Greasing System
JMS-50-MDT - Fogmaker Fire Suppression System
  • Fogmaker Fire Suppression System – Fire indicator panel and cabinet containing 2 x 11.5kg chemical fire extinguishers.
  • Emergency Stop Lanyard System and E-Stops.

With up to 10 custom programming modules communicating via CANbus the JMS-50-MDT is equipped with the most recent technology from Emission Monitoring, Closed Loop Air Velocity Control to Radio Remote Control. The large touchscreen display displays all operating data and facilities ease of servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector JMS 50 MDT