Custom built from 316 Stainless Steel – the JMS 16 F-Series dust collector is ready to be installed to extract dust created at a new fertiliser bagging line facility in NSW.

The JMS 16 F-Series dust collector includes 16 x High Efficiency Filters, a 37kW Centrifugal Fan and a Variable Speed Drive that will be capable of pulling 18,000m3/hr of air @-2.5 kPa. The Allen Bradley PLC will be located in the main site control room and local plant air will be used for the reverse pulse filter cleaning system.

Fertilizer production and bagging is a very corrosive process and managing the dust effectively is critical to ensure process efficiency and plant safety. All structures and components for this unit have been manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel to provide a solution that will last in the harsh environment in which it will operate.

The team at Grydale have also designed and manufactured the ducting required to extract dust from eight different collection points that create dust within the bagging operations, with air flow requirements ranging from 500m3/hr to 3000m3/hr.

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