Volvo Penta are the world leader in emission technology and the T4/T5 engine used in our JMS M-Series Diesel Dust Collectors meets the highest emission standards in the world. The Volvo Penta engine is used to power the tracks or stepping system (subject to configuration) and the hydraulics.

For full diesel powered units, Volvo Penta engines power the triple pump hydraulic group which in turn powers the Centrifugal Fan, Dishcharge Auger(s) and Rotary Valve(s) discharge system.


One of the most powerful 4-cylinder engines available on the market, performing equally with larger 6-cylinder engines.

Low Cost of Ownership

World class fuel efficiency combined with a reliable exhaust after treatment system gives high up-time as well as low cost of ownership.

Durability and Low Noise

Long experience with SCR systems in combination with base engine development reduces risk of downtime. Well-balanced to produce smooth operation with low noise.

Reliable in Extreme Conditions

The heavy-duty cooling system is specifically designed for harsh environments, with side-by-side cooling packages that are able to withstand cleaning with high-pressure water.

The heavy-duty wiring harnesses are practically immobile and are able to withstand the extreme vibrations in stone crushers or mining equipment.

The heavy-duty air filter is able to deal with fine stone dust in quarries and mines. With fewer stops required to make filter changes, up-time is increased.

Easy Service and Maintenance

Easily accessible service and maintenance points contribute to the ease of service of the engine.

For more information on our Diesel powered dust collectors please contact us.

Why Grydale use Volvo Penta Diesel Engines?

JMS 50 MDT is powered by Volvo Penta Diesel Engines

Volvo Penta’s engine range is characterized by high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emission levels. Built to be versatile, their low weight, compact designs, easy installation and optional equipment packages make them perfect for numerous machine and equipment applications in a variety of industries.

Volvo Penta’s close co-operation with OEMs is something that Grydale appreciate.  They use their vast experience of working with a wide variety of industrial segments, applications and equipment to make a difference. They strive to understand our specific needs and have built a strong working partnership with us that has benefitted our business and the customers we serve. Not only do they supply robust and reliable engines, they also support projects all the way throughout the lifetime of the machines – from design right through to installation and aftermarket services.