The Grydale JMS 20 M-Series Track Scrubber is en-route to a major tunnelling project in Sydney, to provide an innovative, spot extraction approach to dust problems. Australian designed and built, the Grydale JMS-20-MDT Track Scrubber offers cutting edge mining and tunnelling technology.

Evolving best practice for dust and fume mitigation and control involves getting extraction close to the source. This means dust extraction units need to be regularly relocated to maximise efficiency.

Patented technology

Grydale hold the patent for manufacturing the only self-propelled dust extractor in the world, making the Grydale range of dust collectors a uniquely designed and manufactured piece of machinery in the market.

Track mounting offers full mobility and variable speed controls allow the unit to move between 3 – 6 k.p.h. behind excavation and mining equipment to capture dust at source. Units can be maneuvered using a remote control up to 500m away, allowing safer control for operators.

In Sydney, this JMS 20 M-Series Track Scrubber will follow a road-header and extracting at 20m3/sec.

Volvo Penta T4F Engine

This JMS 20 M-Series Diesel Track Unit features the first T4F Volvo Penta Diesel Engine brought into Australia to provide best off-highway emission control.

Volvo are the world leader in emission technology and the T4F engine used in the JMS 20 M-Series meets the highest standards in the world for emissions (Tier 4 / Euro Stage 4). Volvo Penta is committed to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) as the best environmental technology to comply with current and future emission demands. As our chosen technology, the SCR system combined with a light exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) has more than proven its efficiency for the Tier 4 Final Engine.

Grydale sells direct to Project Authorites, Head Contractors, sub-Contractors and provides hire through Rental Partners across Australia.

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JMS 20 M-Series Track Scrubber – En Route to Sydney