Grydale Refurbished Units for Sale or Rental

Grydale – Refurbished Dust Collectors

Mobile Dust Collectors

Grydale has a fleet of Refurbished Mobile Dust Collectors available for purchase or short-long term rental. All units have been restored to an ‘as-new’ condition and come with warranty (or 4500 hours).

Refurbished units range from:
10m3/s to 60m3/s
20,000CFM – 125,000 CFM
36,000m3/hr – 216,000m3/hr

Grydale is the only provider the 503/s and 60m3/s mobile dust collectors on the market. These larger units offer significant advantages to applications such as mine shutdown works or ship unloading where a single unit can undertake the work previously undertaken by multiple smaller units. This offers both cost and space saving.

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