Tarong Power Station Paint and Blast
ClientBrandSafway – Construction and Engineering Company
Application:Dust Control for Abrasive Blasting
Location:Tarong Power Station, QLD, Australia
Our Solution: Short-term rental of our JMS-30-MDT: 30m3/s, Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector

Application Overview

Brandsafway offers a broad range of solutions for their customers, from supported and suspended scaffold to equipment rental and sale.

Customer Challenge

Protecting the health and safety of workers during the removal of lead paint from imported transformers for Tarong Power Station.

Our Solution

A Grydale JMS-30-MDT (30m3/s, Mobile, Diesel, Track) Dust Collector was hired for the blasting of lead paint from imported transformers used at Tarong Power Station.

The JMS-30-MDT is a self-propelled track mounted dust collector operated by remote control making it easily positioned alongside the transformer.  Flexible ducting was used to collect abrasive blasting dust and fumes at their source.

Workers who conduct abrasive blasting of large lead-painted surfaces are exposed to significant amounts of dangerous lead.  High levels of exposure to lead can result in damage to the brain and central nervous system. Protecting the health and safety of these workers is a priority for both Brandsafway and Tarong Power Station.


Grydale Mobile Dust Collectors provide a safe and easy dust and fume solution for these abrasive blasting works. Sizing the right dust collector is important and our in-house engineering team can help calculate the right sized unit for the job.
We have an extensive rental fleet for temporary works and can offer wet and dry hire arrangements. As part of hire arrangements, we are able to support with the removal and disposal of contaminated filters to mitigate these risks from site workers.

Contact us for more information. https://www.grydale.com.au/mine-shutdown-works-dust-control/

Diesel Engine on the JMS-30-MDT Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector
Incline Auger on the JMS-30-MDT Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector

Investment Options. Purchase or Short-Long Term Rental. 

Grydale offers flexible rental and purchase options for 6m³/s – 60m³/s (12,000CFM to 125,000CFM) mobile dust collectors. These units can be used to manage ship loading and unloading of a wide range of products either via clamshells or conveyors.

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