Powdercoating and sandblasting
ClientCoastal Powder Coating & Blasting
ApplicationAbrasive Blasting – Sandblasting
Project LocationQueensland, Australia
Product SummaryDesign Manufacture and Install 15m Abrasive Blast Room, Grydale JMS 16F-Series Dust Collector, Pneumatic Recovery System
Dust Collection Solution Grydale JMS-16-F-Series Dust Collector

Client Challenge

In 2020, Coastal Powdercoating decided to invest in a facilities upgrade programme to expand their operations. A core part of the programme was a larger blast room to enable larger powder coating projects to be undertaken more efficiently in-house, without affecting the quality of the end product. A key part of the powder coating process is sandblasting, which etches the surface of metal ready for the powder coating application. The process involves firing fine sand or steel shot at a very high pressure through a blast hose and nozzle.

Sandblasting generates large volumes of dust that can be toxic and small enough to be inhaled into lungs and thus can be hazardous to workers. Sandblasting operations are therefore undertaken in dedicated blast rooms that are placed under negative pressure by a dust collection system to remove unsafe contaminants from the air and keep the workplace safe for operators.

Coastal Powdercoating were keen to support local manufacturing and to partner with a single provider for their new facilities, so approached Grydale with their requirements for a 15m long, 5m wide and 3m high blast room and dust collection and pneumatic recovery system.

Our Solution

In 2015, Grydale designed, manufactured and installed the existing blast room and dust collection system operating on site so were keen to continue to support the team at Coastal Powdercoating with their new facilities upgrade.

Grydale JMS F-Series (fixed unit) dust collectors are custom designed and offer a long term and cost-effective solution to dust and fume control for a wide range of industrial applications. Sizing the dust collection system correctly is critical, as incorrect sizing can result in high emissions, lowered productivity, reduced filter life and a hazardous/unsafe working environment. A combination of airflow, air velocity, pressure, resistance and air-to-cloth ratios help our in-house engineering team to determine the appropriate size and ducting design configuration of the dust collection system, ensuring the air from the room is filtered and particulate matter is prevented from escaping.

Our team calculated our JMS 16 F-Series dust collector, capable of pulling 22,000m³/hr of air @-2.5kPa, would provide the 0.5m³/s air flow through the new blast room and meet their dust collection requirements. The Centrifugal Fan pulls ‘dirty air’ from the blast room into the dust collector, dust is captured on the filters and it forms a ‘cake’. Plant air is then used to pulse clean the filters and the heavy ‘cake’ particles drop into the hopper and are discharged into the steel drums via slide gate mechanisms.

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About Coastal Powder Coating

Established in 1985 Coastal Powder Coating is a family owned and operated Gold Coast business, renowned for their excellent workmanship and attention to detail. They have one of the biggest facilities on the Gold Coast offering paint stripping, (chemical and burning), aluminium pre-treatment and sandblasting. They have built a strong reputation as one of the Gold Coast’s most trusted and versatile businesses

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