Grydale Fixed Dust Collectors

Grydale installed a Grydale JMS 24 Dust Collector for a cabinet maker in Brisbane, QLD. The system is fully equipped with a fire suppression system and explosion vent which is a mandatory requirement when dealing with wood dust as it has explosive qualities.

The system is uses a VSD with auto braking which reduces the start up power consumption which is all controller by the PLC. The PLC has a GSM auto dial system installed which sends fault messages to the production supervisor and enables remote login for Grydale Technicians to diagnose any problems.

Grydale designed the system to extract off six (6) machines including a large CNC table instead of using multiple smaller dust collectors. Grydale also designed and installed a new duct run to optimise each suction point. Since installing this system, the client has seen a remarkable decrease in factory dust making the workshop cleaner and safer.